5 Things We Learned From Last Year's Salary Survey

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 29 Nov 2017

This year marks the 19th annual RICS and Macdonald & Company UK Rewards & Attitudes Survey. The survey takes a look the surveying industry and provides benchmarks for salaries as well as a look to what the future might hold.

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The survey revealed many interesting insights last year and we've picked out some highlights. You can read the full 2017 report to learn even more about the state of the industry.


Salary Survey 2017 Highlights 1

A professional qualification is highly valued by the industry. Achieving a professional qualification led to the largest salary increase.


Salary Survey 2017 Highlights 2

On average, respondents with a RICS qualification earn 32.3% more than those who identify as "not professionally qualified".


Salary Survey 2017 Highlights 3

53% of respondents believe their organisation will increase headcount in 2017.


Salary Survey 2017 Highlights 4

Real industry change to base salaries - 7.2% increase.


Salary Survey 2017 Highlights 5

Job security and location are the two most important job factors increasing in importance over a 10 year period by 20% and 18% respectively.

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