6 Job Hunting Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 6 Nov 2020

6 job hunting tips

Job hunting has changed since the Coronavirus Pandemic and with much of the UK going into lockdown again, it seems like those changes will continue. Although this has caused some disruption in the job market, there are plenty of ways to stay positive and proactive in your job search. RICS Recruit has some tips for your job hunt and how to stay relevant throughout.



Just because you see a job matching your search criteria doesn’t mean it's the right fit for you. Don’t jump at the first opportunity before taking the time to think about what you want to do next and where you want to take your career. Take advantage of the current job market by reflecting on things like home vs office work environments, what type of company culture you want, and what kind of commute will work for you. Consider whether the role you are about to apply for fits in with that.

Try writing a list of all the points you would like for your next role. You may be surprised to find that your idea of the perfect job has changed since the start of the year.

Network Online

Most networking events were cancelled or postponed at the start of the pandemic, but many companies now able to offer alternatives online.  To find out when these online events may be taking place seek out other surveying professionals and ask them about virtual events. You can also check the websites of for companies that previously held physical events and see what they are doing to accommodate the current situation.

If you want to work for a company but they don’t have an opening right now, don't be afraid to reach out to them now to make those connections. It's always good to make your interest known.

You can also check LinkedIn, Facebook and RICS to see what networking opportunities are available.

For LinkedIn, there are a few LinkedIn groups you can join in the surveying industry such as Professional Quantity Surveying,  QS Worldwide (QSWW), Building Surveying and Professional Land Surveyors and GIS Professionals.

If you join groups, join in on the conversations, post and comment, make yourself visible, and use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.


Practice Phone and Video Interviews

In this new world, phone and video interviews are more common than ever. This may feel a little awkward as they will now be taking place in your home.  Ensure you treat this interview as you would any other interview.

A good way to get into the right mindset is to dress in smart office attire, even if it's a phone interview and they can't see you. Dressing in smart clothes will make you feel professional and polished. 

It can also be hard to be part of an interview video as it can be awkward to be on camera if you have never had a video interview before.

Practice your phone and video interviews before the interview to really stand out. Why not take a look at our tips on how to have a successful video interview so you can be sure you are fully prepared.


Stay in Touch

If you had a promising contact or even an interview before the first lockdown but haven't heard back since, now is a good time to check back in. You never know what changes the company may have gone through in the last few months, but it can't hurt to keep yourself on their radar. Check-in with them and acknowledge that you understand they may be busy with changes within the company due to coronavirus, but that you are still interested in any open roles.


Boost Your Skills

This downtime is the perfect time to boost your skills and make sure you have all the relevant skills and qualifications for the role you want. Again, check LinkedIn and Facebook and check in with RICS on conferences, seminars and training events you can now attend online. You can also purchase the CPD package for £99 VAT, which provides you access to 200+ hours of CPD until the 31st December 2020, including live webinars, digital conferences, e-learning and an exclusive on-demand hub. The perfect way to boost your skills and stay relevant in the current job market.

Ensure you are also keeping up to date with the latest technology advances in your profession as well keeping up to date on technology trends you can also improve on your computer skills, Microsoft offers free online courses.


Stay up to Date

With so much unknown and uncertain across the globe at the moment, it can be a little daunting when conducting a job search. Try to stay positive and if you need some encouragement why not stay up to date with all the latest jobs in the surveying industry with our email updates? You can also create an account where you can upload your CV so recruiters and hiring managers can find you and get in touch as soon as an appropriate role becomes available.