7 top tips for the APC

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 9 Mar 2020

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Don’t go it alone

While practising your presentation is a must – you also need to make sure that you’re not doing the APC in isolation. Studying alone can be, dare we say, cathartic, asking for advice and leaning on your support network during this time is important. Your colleagues and connections will have a wealth of different experiences and come from a range of different backgrounds – this insight will prove to be valuable when it comes to preparing your case study.

Know your case study

We mentioned the case study with good reason – the final assessment is largely centred around it! It’s a substantial piece of work, and you need to make sure it’s as strong as it can be. This isn’t just about knowing your job, it’s about having a deep understanding of your role, and your experience. If you feel that you are restricted in your role, you need to put yourself out there – what opportunities can you seize to strengthen your case study? More than that, you will also connect with a new network, and develop as a professional. The APC is only the start of your journey as a Chartered professional.

Don’t dread the interview!

While professionalism is a must in the interview, and we understand it can be a nerve-wracking time, don’t dread the interview – embrace it. This is a chance to show off, you know your stuff, you’ve prepared for this moment. be professional, confident and remember that you have a wealth of support in the form of APC training, your network and peers and your supervisor and counsellor who can help you through the final assessment prior to the big event.

Avoid burnout

You want to pass. We want you to pass – but, we want you to do so because the experience has been enjoyable (although undeniably stressful at times). Make sure that you’re avoiding burnout by undertaking a sensible revision scheduled. You can process the information you have learnt better and ultimately become a better professional by absorbing this knowledge and practising it in your everyday role. Use a timetable and remember to schedule your social life too! Downtime is just as important. Don’t cram, make time to plan, revise and revisit any areas that aren’t sinking in – and remember to rest too.

Comparison is the thief of joy!

Some people will cram, others will revise on the commute. Some people like to make notes, others are audio learners. Find your learning style and don’t compare yourself to how others do it.

Remember your levels

There are three levels of proficiency in the APC – ranging from 1 to 3. Level 3 is the highest level of proficiency; and is the deeper understanding of your role, the advice you ever given to clients and your real-life working examples. This is where you really need to know your stuff. Know the levels; the pathway guide will give you some exceptional advice on this.

Keep calm and carry on!

Interview day is upon you; keep calm and enjoy the experience. You are prepped to perfection, you’ve revised, you’ve attended the various training events and courses on offer (and of course have followed the sage advice in this blog article!). Don’t let nerves get the better of you – remember, confidence is key.

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