A Quantity Surveyors Salary in the UK

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 30 May 2016


Whether you are due to sit your APC in the next 48 hours or still feeling the effects of last weekend’s celebrations, Post-APC Reviews are closing in hard and fast.

As employers become increasingly more desperate to retain their staff – especially the high-performers who have just achieved MRICS status – you should expect to see Quantity Surveyor salaries increase by roughly £2-5,000 since last November.

The salary for entry level MRICS Project Quantity Surveyors has definitely pushed beyond the £40,000 mark in recent months, now typically ranging around £42,000 – £45,000, sometimes even higher.

The top-end salary for an MRICS Project QS with a few more years of experience behind them has now pushed beyond the £50,000 mark. Professionals at this more experienced level are the second most sought-after in the Cost Consultancy market right now. If you are able to run a sizeable (£5-10 million plus) or complex project with minimal supervision in a client-facing role, then you can expect to hit the top end of this bracket.

Just surpassing the former, MRICS Senior Quantity Surveyors are the most sought-after professionals in the market. This won’t be news to anyone in this bracket, as they will be receiving 10 emails, 25 calls and 1,000 LinkedIn messages from recruiters every day. If you are capable of running your own commissions while overseeing a couple of Assistant Quantity Surveyors, then you could well slot straight into Senior QS level. This is particularly relevant to those of you who worked alongside part-time studying and then sat the APC having already gained 5+ years of private practice experience.

Once you hit Associate level with 8+ years experience, salary bands tend to fall by the wayside and it comes down to how much you are worth to the business – the level of fees you’re generating, what value of commissions you/your team are responsible for, how you’re helping the business to grow, or if you have any specific expertise that is invaluable to the business.

These figures are based on a combined total of salary and car allowance, not including wider package benefits such as healthcare, pension, or bonuses. These are also based on London salaries, so those in other regions will be 5-10% less depending upon location

While there will be 100 recruiters lining up to offer you something new, don’t be fooled into moving just for the sake of it – or even just for the money. Ask your boss to help you map out your career plan / future progression and if you are happy with how it all looks then sit tight and reassess how things pan out over the next 6 and then 12 months.

On the other hand, if you are interested in exploring your options, please do not fire out your CV without at least speaking to the recruitment agent in order to work out whether they know what they are talking about. Arrange a time to speak properly over the phone or better still grab a coffee and meet face to face. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression to a potential employer, so make sure you are in safe hands.

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