Amanda Clack #NewWorkforce Twitter Chat Transcript

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 15 Aug 2017

Amanda Clack

On 9 August, Amanda Clack once again took over the @RICSRecruit Twitter account for a live Q&A about the future of the surveying workforce. 

Find out what Amanda had to say:

Should Surveyors feel threatened regarding new technologies creeping into the property sector?

Surveyors should absolutely feel inspired by new technologies as it allows us to do more things for clients. Have a look at the great YouTube video on the Work That Shapes Our World - it's inspirational.

Also this video on #PropTech is superbly inspiring 

Does RICS have any guidelines for people who intend to move their career from other fields to QuantitySurveying?

Have a look at Pathway options for RICS qualification. There's always a great way to become a surveyor.

What are the future skills (people and subject matter) that are needed in the built environment to 2025/30?

You'll love our RICS Futures video that looks to 2030 and where the #RICS profession will be.

Big businesses progress apprentices but how can smaller practices be encouraged to support them and build local skills?

We love apprenticeships as a way to qualification as an #RICS Surveyor without an RICS degree. All businesses should consider apprenticeships for the #NewWorkforce. Have a look at this article on graduate jobs and this one on apprenticeships, internships, and work placements.



Where do you see the biggest gains in talent pool over the next 5 yrs?

It is important that the talent pool diversifies to represent people with the right skills so #diversity and #inclusion are key.



How do you see the role of the surveyor changing in the next five years?

The role is changing as the world becomes more urban. Take a look at the #WBEF video for more.



What are the international opportunities for RICS members?

RICS surveying is like a passport to your future as the qualification is recognised worldwide.



What's the most exciting development in the profession you would want us to share with schools?

How does #RICS work with schools and colleges to help young people learn more about what surveying is?


What are some of the challenges that the #NewWorkforce may face? How may they overcome them?

Technology is the biggest challenge and opportunity with things like BIM and PropTech.

How easy is it for someone whom has a disability to become a surveyor, to break the stereotypes and glass ceiling?



With exams results coming in, what skills do you think are important for entrants to the profession?


Major Contractors are looking for fully automated quantity take off using BIM. What will be the role of surveyors here?


What is the top advice you would have given to the younger Amanda starting out her surveying career?

I would say have confidence, consult and then don't be afraid to try new things. Its a great career!

I'm relocating to Sydney, Australia in a few weeks, @RICSOceania are based there? Do you agree overseas experience enhances career?

Getting overseas experience is always great. If you're moving to Australia, @RICSOceania is there to help you through. You should take a look at this article too.