Amanda Clack Twitter Chat Transcript

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 24 Apr 2017

Amanda Chat

On April 12, @RICSRecruit was taken over by RICS President Amanda Clack to answer your questions about surveying. From the gender pay gap to the impact of future technology, Amanda covered a wide variety of topics in the hour and a half chat.

Here’s what Amanda had to say:

What makes infrastructure an attractive sector to work in today?

Amanda A1

How do you think compulsory gender pay gap reporting will impact on surveying?

Salaries for property professionals remains robust, but gender pay gap has increased from last year.

Our office is a 50/50 split male to female ratio. How do you think we can encourage more females to consider a career in the industry?

Congratulations, that is fab! You'll love the Building Inclusivity Report we published.

Why are female role models so important?

Role models are key. 41% of young women aged 13–22 believe gender will hold them back. I always believe in climbing the ladder and bring someone with you! We are all great role models every day.

How has your presidency impacted women in the profession?

Well that's maybe one you should answer for me! I hope having a female as President shows it can be done!

How much can we broaden services provided to clients without diluting value or perception of the profession?  Surveyors have a deep technical skillset that can be applied in many innovative ways

I hope we increase the value to clients - it is why our work on Standards like ICMS, IES, IPMS, ILS, and regulation are key. Innovation will be key to survival in RICS’ future.

Proposed criminality tests add red tape to agents, cannot RICS represent members so that existing regulation satisfies HMRC?

You may be interested looking at the consultation on conflicts of interest for commercial property

How did you decide that you wanted to work in infrastructure? What advice would you have for those making that decision now?

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Will RICS consider a stepped / gradual introduction of IPMS standards for Red Book Valuations, as comparables are still NIA?

IPMS for offices is mandatory for RICS professionals with others to follow. There is always the option of providing both. You may also like to see the video here from Tom Pugh on IPMS.

What impact do you see technology having on the industry over the coming years?

Digital technology is changing the way we deliver construction. BIM is key to that. Technology will and is impacting already - off-site manufacturing, drones, 3D printing and of course BIM are with us already. Have a look at the RICS Futures Report for more.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for the surveying industry's future?

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Who inspired you to be where you are today?

Great question! I loved Hornby trains and Legos as my early inspiration - then it was watching the M25 being built. Lots of people inspired me along the way, many great role models, bosses, and inspirational leaders, all help you be who you are