Beat the Summer Job Rush

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 22 Apr 2016


Whether you’re finishing school or university for the summer or forever, one thing is certain – you have to use the next few months productively. While the temptation might be to lie in and relax around the house, finding a summer job is a fantastic way to gain skills and develop the professional talents that will serve you well throughout your life.

If you are a school leaver, further study, apprenticeships and full-time work will not materialise unless you plan ahead and make preparations.

But how do you go about beating the rush for summer jobs?

Put together a CV

No matter how little experience you have, your CV will highlight your capabilities. Mention your achievements at school or university, any extracurricular activities you take part in and hobbies or skills you are passionate about. If this is the first time you have written a CV, here are a few common mistakes to avoid and some ways to make your CV stand out.


While many companies only consider online applications, plenty of shops, restaurants and bars recruit locally. Submitting your CV in person will show you to be enthusiastic and personable. Make sure you dress professionally when you visit their premises, and always try to hand your CV directly to a manager.

Seek out recruitment agencies

Many businesses rely on such companies to find skilled seasonal staff, so they may be able to find you a position tailored to your skills and availability.

Take time over your applications

Although application forms can be comprehensive and may appear impersonal, they help employers to extract more specific information than CVs often include. Show evidence that you have done your research into the organisation and the job you are applying for.

Manage expectations

Salaries for the majority of summer jobs will likely be low or minimum wage, and the work may not necessarily be too stimulating. But no matter how little value it seems at the time, it’s all good experience. Spending your summer waiting tables will still look better on your CV than spending it on the couch.

Whether you are a new graduate or already have experience under your belt, beat the rush of university leavers, get your application in early and secure your graduate job or internship now.