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Becoming an RICS Member

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 30 Mar 2021

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Why become an RICS Member?


The RICS professional qualification is prestigious. It shows clients you work to the highest professional and ethical standards. And everyone admits that it's a difficult qualification to gain. Many clients insist on working with RICS-qualified surveyors as they know Members understand and work to industry standard.


RICS provides a range of standards, CPD training and best practice guidance to help you maintain the highest levels of professionalism and continue to develop your technical and professional knowledge.

Networking opportunities

With over 118,000 Members worldwide, RICS connects you to other professionals and clients in local and global markets. For younger Members, RICS Matrics offers support and networking for the future leaders of the industry.

Financial reward 

On average, RICS Members earn more than their unqualified peers. In the UK Rewards & Attitudes Survey 2019, the figures showed that RICS-qualified Member are earning £13,600 more than non-qualified professionals.


By working to RICS standards, you provide unrivalled confidence to the market and gain a competitive advantage. This drives demand for our skills, and not just in the UK. As the RICS qualification is recognised globally, you are able to work internationally and often very sought after. 


Why is RICS seen as such a prestigious qualification?

Our entry standards require proven levels of knowledge and experience which is recognised by the market. Once qualified, competence has to be maintained and monitored through annual CPD. As we demand the highest standards of RICS professionals, our qualifications are seen as the gold standard in land, property, infrastructure and construction.

RICS is unique in its regulation of members who have to adhere to the Rules of Conduct. We also regulate firms to ensure they work to consistent business standards. In the UK we have 10,000 firms that are ‘Regulated by RICS’. This offers unparalleled quality assurance to the market and ensures that RICS professionals and firms protect themselves and their clients from risk.

Behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be a professional; it distinguishes professionals from others in the marketplace. RICS is the only professional qualification in the world that formally assesses ethics and continues to assess members throughout their professional life.

An RICS qualification looks good on your CV. Many recruiters and employers demand it. It also offers you greater protection against risk of redundancy as employers are increasingly using our accreditation to benchmark their people.


How do I become an RICS Member?

We offer three main types of membership:

1.Professional Experience(MRICS)

This option allows experienced professionals to join RICS without the need for further study. You must have a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of relevant post-degree work experience.

2. Graduate (MRICS)

Graduates can join with an RICS accredited degree. This includes graduates who have just left university and those who have already achieved a number of years of work experience by the time they complete their degree.

3.Associate (AssocRICS)

This is an entry-level qualification for those with relevant work experience and vocational qualifications. You must have four years of relevant work experience. Some vocational qualifications and professional body memberships qualify you for direct entry to Associate. Associate members can progress to chartered membership (MRICS).

You gain your qualification by following a particular pathway. These cover the different specialisms within surveying from building control to facilities management, valuation to quantity surveying, and more. Find the pathway that’s right for you here and get started.