How to Combat the Impact of the Cost of Living as a Surveyor

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 17 Aug 2022

Energy meter

With soaring energy, food, transport, and housing costs, many individuals and families across the UK are struggling or foresee challenges ahead. It is highly likely that there will be individuals in your team that are worried or even experiencing stress over financial difficulties. Below we have shared a range of our top tips that can help surveyors to help themselves during this challenging time.


  • Plan ahead and take a packed lunch including snacks
  • Do you like a daily coffee from a drive through? Could you take a flask instead and save some money each day?
  • The same goes for take-aways. We all like a treat but now may be the time to cut back on some of your more expensive habits.
  • Monitor your household bills and if possible, consider using a comparison site to change providers


  • Optimise mileage and the routes to the locations you have to visit each day. Our team ensure that routes are optimised each day for the following days appointments. They always avoid appointments out of area or in the opposite direction. We also look at postcode allocation closely to take into account access to places like peninsulas where traffic can build up.
  • Service your car regularly, don’t take short cuts here
  • Shop around for fuel and consider a fuel card if possible
  • With the summer arriving in the UK everyone switches on their air conditioning, but did you know it can increase your fuel consumption by up to 10%? Depending upon your location maybe open your window instead or use car ventilation without the extra air conditioning as well if possible.
  • Ensuring that you are driving at an efficient speed will also assist with unnecessary fuel consumption: the most efficient speed to drive for most vehicles is 55-56mph. Watching your speed on the motorway can also save you as much as 25%.


  • Embrace technology as this can save you time and take advantage of automation. Everything from social media posts and computer backups to mail and proofreading can be automated, freeing up time and saving money.
  • Consider if you really need the latest mobile phone or could you just renew your current contract at a lower rate to save money.
  • Rechargeable batteries have their critics - you may find that the charge doesn’t last as long as regular batteries, for example, but they're undeniably a great way to save money. In the long term you can recharge them rather than throw them away and have to buy more batteries.
  • Evaluate your landline: could you replace it with a more flexible solution such as Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP?

Financial Support

  • Check your tax code is correct. If you are earning money and on PAYE, check that your tax code is correct – you might be overpaying. The code will be on your payslip.
  • Check that you are claiming any -and all- payments that you are entitled to. There are lots of benefits that go unclaimed
  • The Citizens Advice Bureau always busy can often point you towards extra benefits or grants you may not be aware of that you could be entitled to.
  • Closely monitor your expenses ensure you track them and submit them regularly. Do not let them build up before you submit them to your finance team.
  • Does your organisation offer high street discounts, medical help, etc that you may not be aware of?
  • Get cashback on spending: It won’t make a huge difference to your budget, but if you are spending on a credit or debit card you might as well get some of the money back.
  • Make sure you got your £150 rebate: If you are in a band A-D property for council tax and qualify for the £150 rebate the government promised energy customers, make sure you have received the money.
  • Set a budget and try to stick to it. Check for unused or hidden subscriptions you no longer use and if it helps set up direct debits for bills (in some cases this can come with a small discount for quick payment).
  • Review your bank and credit card statements regularly. Can you pay off an overdraft or cut down on your credit card balance to save on outgoings. Could you possibly consolidate some of your debts?

Training and Support

  • Take advantage of any training offered to you and explore other CPD opportunities that could lead to a new role or even a promotion in the future.
  • If you are a RICS member Lionheart has a variety of resources to help support surveyors and their families.


It is important that you take action now and if necessary, speak to someone for advice and support early. There may be advice, support or access to other services through your line manager, HR or other organisations you are registered with.

Does your current company provide access to discounts or savings as part of your benefits package potentially? Do they offer flexible working hours? With everyone tightening their belts, maybe now could even be the right time to look for a new role with another company and better package or working conditions! If you have just completed your training, now could be the time to apply for your first surveying role.

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