Membership Bodies: Do They Matter to New Graduates?

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 27 Feb 2020



It may strike someone as a little odd for a membership organisation and professional body such as RICS to talk about whether organisations like ours matter. We cannot objectively say that they do or do not. Our opinion on the matter is exactly that.

At the beginning of the journey is membership; membership is so much more than MRICS after your name. it’s a mark of hard work, determination and respect. The letters MRICS open doors, and help shape your career, whatever pathway you take.

In our world, a professional qualification is essential. We don’t just offer membership and initials after your name, we assess and examine as a body of influence, we set the standards for professional ethics. After slogging it out at Uni for several years, the thought of returning to education can seem, well, overwhelming to say the least.

As a newly qualified professional, however, learning doesn’t stop because you’ve thrown your mortarboard in the air. On the contrary, membership bodies are now your route to education, to ensure that you continually grow as a professional.

So, do professional bodies matter to new graduates?


  • Networking opportunities – as a recent graduate, or someone junior in their profession, your professional network may be fledgeling. Meeting the right people, at the right seminars, conferences and training events is a huge benefit for your career. People remember faces that they like (and ones that they don’t!) so getting out there and increasing your network can pay of dividends. Especially when it comes to moving up the ladder. Moving in the right circles, with like-minded professionals opens doors. RICS members are proud of their membership, and the kudos membership offers them.
  • Kudos – let’s face it, it looks good on the CV. Membership shows prospective employers that you’re serious about your career path. Commitment and dedication abound, you’re showing that you love what you do.
  • News and views – the world of surveying is ever-evolving and changing. Being part of a professional organisation means that you have access to a plethora of information – magazines, insight, news, topical content and so on. Staying ahead of the curve is a must. 
  • Future-proofing – the only constant is change, and while it may be cliché, it’s certainly true. What you will learn whilst at university will be beneficial for a few years post-graduation. But, like with much in life, this information will become outdated. This is where organisations like RICS come in. We conduct critical examinations of the profession; how professionals, young and experienced, adapt to the pressures of urbanisation, digitisation and global climate change. Big issues, with no definitive answer, we’re sure that you’ll agree. professional bodies become a mine of information at this point – we help member navigate the changes that are on the horizon and embrace the opportunities, and the challenges, that all of this change will bring. Membership organisations like ours will ensure that members have the future skills that they will require. Therefore, professional bodies should matter to graduates.

A world of opportunity awaits when it comes to being a part of a membership body. It’s not just about the here and now, it’s about being part of something that shapes the future of the profession.

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