Post-APC Advice Q&A Transcript

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published On: 2 Dec 2016

On 30 November, RICS Recruit teamed with Peter Moore, Managing Director @MacdonaldandCo to bring new members expert advice on how to make the most from their MRICS status in our live Twitter Q&A. 

You can find a full transcript of the chat below.

Does my counsellor have to be chartered?

Yes, it is mandatory for your counsellor to be MRICS/FRICS. Visit for more info.

What are the main benefits of being chartered?

The main benefits are status, recognition, networking, professional development and increased remuneration. For more details on the benefits of becoming MRICS, check our article here:



I have recently passed my APC and would like to take my career abroad, what do I need to consider before making such a move?

There are lots of opportunities for surveyors abroad:


International A

Is there a minimum training requirement based on experience?

Yes, 24 months training if you possess less than 5 years experience or 12 months training if you have more than 5 years.

How do recruiters decide whom to put forward for a role? 

Recruiters make selections based upon skills, experience and qualification only. A recruiter’s job is to match a client’s requirements to the aspirations of the applicant. A good recruiter will meet you to understand what you are seeking/your career plan to find the right opportunities.

Chartered CV Q

Chartered CV A

Is there a minimum training requirement dependent on experience?

Yes, 24months training if you possess less than 5yrs experience or 12months training if you have more than 5 years

What are the benefits of applying through a recruitment agency, rather than directly through an employer?

By engaging with an experienced recruitment consultant they will offer you real career advice. If you move it’s vital it’s not a short term solution and a step in the right direction towards your career goal. Another big benefit is the luxury of choice of more than one employer and role that allows you to compare not just the job but culture and other important aspects of where you will work.

I've just passed my APC and other firms are offering me a better package, however I enjoy working for my employer? Any advice

If you are happy with your current employer and staying in that role fits with your career plan, best advice is to talk to your boss. Have a frank and open conversation and try and reach an agreement with them that works for both if you. I suspect they won’t want you to leave!

Are there areas of surveying where it is less useful to be professionally qualified? E.G. Development and agency

It’s always useful to be qualified and statically improves remuneration. However there are some areas where it is not uncommon for those not qualified to work such as agency and property management.

Do UK firms accept applications from non-indigenous applicants?

Yes UK firms do consider applications from candidates not in the UK. However, if one does not have the right to work in the UK an employer would have to apply to sponsor you. This process is difficult and complex and working visas are difficult to obtain.

Raise-Promotion Question

Raise-Promotion Answer

Why do qualified surveyors earn less than other professions like law and medicine?

Good Question! This could be a long answer, however in short us poor chartered surveyors are not able to command the charge out rates of lawyers! I would say that at a number of levels we are probably comparable with medicine. Unfortunately it’s principally down to charge out rates.

What Salary Question

What Salary Answer

Any questions about careers, jobs and the profession, Peter is happy to help tweet @macdonaldandco and #BeConnected.