RICS Recruit Job Searching Tips

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 10 Jul 2019


Sharks are well known for being good at their job: hunting. They are the top of the marine food chain and unstoppable predators.

Many of the traits that make sharks such good hunters can also be applied to your job search. Here are our tips for landing the big one.

Blood in the water

Just as sharks attack when they smell blood, so you should keep your eyes out for people leaving a role you want. This is especially true for internal vacancies, as you’ll usually have a bit more notice. If you know someone is leaving or smell a reshuffle coming, make sure you’re prepared to come out on top.

Just keep swimming

It’s well known that sharks like to keep moving – and when it comes to job hunting, so should you. Once you get some momentum going in your job search, you need to keep pushing forward. Don’t stop just because you’ve sent off an application or had an interview. Keep moving and you’re more likely to catch your target.

Sink your teeth in

If you come across a job you really want, don’t let go of the prospect. Show your commitment early on and make your passion clear. Just be careful that you don’t cross the line and come across as ferocious, as this will work against you.

No fear

Sharks rule the ocean – the perfect, fearless predator. Likewise, you should approach your job hunt without fear. Don’t waste time worrying that you’re not good enough for a given role, or be afraid of trying something different. 

Stay in the water

Don't let rejection get you down. Even the fiercest sharks sometimes meet their match when a whale comes along. But getting turned down for a role shouldn’t keep you from staying into the job hunting pool.

They’re gonna need a bigger boat

Once an employer has you on the line, you may find yourself pulling back as part of the salary negotiations. Make sure you have a clear idea of what an acceptable salary would be for a given role, and stick to your number. 

Keep hunting

If you’re actively looking for a new job, you should always be alert for opportunities. Whether it’s advertisements for new roles, networking events or a training workshop, you never want to let anything get past you.