Summary of the specialisms

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 23 Jul 2015

Would you like to build stadiums, value multimillion pound houses or help protect rainforests? With so many specialisms – the choice is yours…

Arts & antiques

Working with valuable and curious artefacts, these surveyors advise the owners on their value, care, sale and acquisition. You'll like this job if…you have an interest in selling valuable objects, such as antiques or modern art.

Residential property

The most recognisable surveyors – they value, survey, sell, let, manage and care for all types of residential property. You'll like this job if…you have a keen interest in where people live.


Valuing property, land and business assets is a core skill that plays a vital role in bank lending, accounting, investment and taxation. You'll like this job if…you are interested in the value of any kind of asset – from houses to airports to sports venues.

Commercial property

These surveyors get involved in buying, selling, valuing, managing and leasing business premises – from major international banks to local businesses. You'll like this job if…you fancy getting stuck into negotiating property sales, or advising companies on their real estate.

Dispute resolution

Sometimes disagreements happen, so these surveyors advise on contracts, boundary disputes and planning, and act as arbitrators and mediators. You'll like this job if…you are skilled in calmly resolving disagreements.

Facilities management

These surveyors are key to managing the services that support a business, including relocation, health and safety, property management and utilities and services. You'll like this job if…you are organised and enjoy working with a wide range of people.

Machinery & business assets

From oil refineries to websites, these surveyors are involved in the valuation and sale of a company’s machinery and assets. You'll like this job if…you have a good head for figures, and are willing to work anywhere in the world.

Management consultancy

Providing impartial professional advice, these surveyors strategise for local authorities’ development plans or help businesses. You'll like this job if…you enjoy problem solving and helping others.

Building control

Essential for the design, use and costing of buildings, these surveyors cover all aspects of building regulations, health and safety, energy efficiency and fire protection. You'll like this job if…you are a stickler for rules and codes, and want to help protect people in the built environment.

Building surveying

These surveyors build, supervise or restore structures, from city office blocks and skyscrapers to home extensions. You'll like this job if…you like to get under the skin of building projects.

Project management

From small building sites to a vast sports arena, these surveyors maximise efficiency, economy, communication and a project’s success. You'll like this job if…you have leadership skills and keep cool under pressure.

Quantity surveying & construction

These surveyors are involved in the financial management of construction, using their strong analytical and communication skills to get the best value. You'll like this job if…you have strong financial skills and fancy splitting your time between the office and construction sites.


Managing, monitoring and assessing buildings and the land, these surveyors protect the environment around us. You'll like this job if…you want to make a positive impact on the sustainability of the built environment.


Analysing information about the land and sea bed, geomatic surveyors work with high-tech mapping and laser scanning equipment. You'll like this job if…you have a passion for maps and high-tech gadgets.

Minerals & waste management

With practical knowledge of mining and geology, these surveyors are also involved in important green sectors, such as recycling. You'll like this job if…you’re interested in where materials come from and where they end up.


With expertise in the management of rural assets, both physical and natural, rural surveyors advise a range of clients on a variety of subjects including planning, land management and renewable energy. You'll like this job if…you have an interest in the rural economy and the countryside.

Planning & development

These surveyors assess the physical and social impact of the built environment. You'll like this job if…you want to help create good places to live and work.