Three Tips On Getting That Surveyor Job

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 1 Apr 2020


Surveyor job recruitment tip 1

There are many reasons to look for new surveying job opportunities: remuneration, experiences, promotion. But before you jump headlong into applying for suitable surveying job vacancies, there are a few things you need to consider.

What are the pros/cons of your current surveyor job

It is important to understand what you want from your next place of work; to fully grasp that, you need to look at not only why you want to leave, a.k.a., cons, but also what made you stay as long as you did and what you want to carry over and see in your next surveyor job as well, a.k.a., pros. A pro and con list can also be useful when you are setting the questions to ask your potential new employer at interview and will go long way to ensure your job satisfaction. 

Start searching for potential new surveying job opportunities that match your requirements.

Build your personal brand 

This doesn’t mean creating your own logo and website. It's about how you present yourself to new employers and stand out from the crowd.

Use LinkedIn as your starting point. Follow relevant surveyor groups, join in conversations where your expertise is useful and contribute posts of your own.

Surveyor job recruitment tip 2

Think, if you were a brand or a company yourself, what would be your unique selling point? What can you bring to the table that other surveyors can’t? Each surveyor can bring something from their individual experiences and interests. Use this to create an 'elevator pitch'. Include this short paragraph on your CV and tailor it for each surveying job opportunity.

Research potential new surveying company well 

A mistake that candidates often make is presuming they will only be expected to talk about themselves and their previous surveyor job at the interview. 
However, it is essential you do your research about your potential employer. Having an awareness of their past and present surveying projects will give you the chance to have meaningful conversations about their business and get your interviewees on side.

There are many reasons to look for new surveying job opportunities; however, you need to make sure you are looking for the right reasons, have a strong and clear voice to stand out from the crowd and that you do your due diligence for every surveyor job opportunity you choose to explore. 

What are you waiting for, apply for your next surveyor job now.