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What are the Best Summer Jobs for Young Surveyors?

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 30 May 2018

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Now that school or university is over for the summer, the rush is on to get a summer job. But whether you’ve just graduated or still have a couple of years left, the kind of summer job you choose can have a huge impact on your future career.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting a job as a waiter or a nanny, it will be hard to relate those positions to your career aspirations. With a bit more effort, you can find roles that are relevant to surveying and put some money in your pocket.

We’ve assembled a list of some of the best summer jobs that young surveyors can seek.

Construction worker

This one is probably the most obvious. If you want to work in the property sector, having some hands-on experience in construction will always look good on your CV. Even if you don’t want a career in construction specifically, it’s a great way to show your passion for the industry, as well as providing networking opportunities whenever surveyors come on site.


If construction just isn’t your thing, you can always get your hands dirty working for a landscaping company. This is especially good for aspiring rural or land surveyors since it can often require similar skills, just on a smaller scale. What you learn while arranging a garden can be scaled up into laying out a park or farm.

Office temp

While it may not be the most glamorous role, getting experience in an office environment is never a bad thing. No matter what job you end up in, the chances are that you’re going to encounter many of the same things you do as a temp: photocopying, spreadsheets, emails – even simple office culture. And if you can get a role in a surveying firm, all the better.

Events staff

From international music festivals to local street fairs, summer is always a good time for big events, all of which need temporary staff. These kinds of roles are a perfect way to show off your ability to adapt quickly to new situations. Employers tend to like people who can think on their feet, and you’re sure to get plenty of problem-solving opportunities while working at major events. If you speak to the venue staff, you may even be able to find out what kind of surveying work goes into planning the event, and this would make for a great talking point during future job interviews.

Theme park

Like working at an event, working at a theme park is sure to put you in plenty of new situations to deal with every day. In addition, safety is a major concern at such venues ­– especially on the rides – and if you put yourself forward you may get a chance to assist with risk management. Given the unique construction of the various rides, you can also learn about the structural intricacies that go into building them.

Tour guide

No matter what the city or landmark, giving tours is a great way for you to learn the minutiae of place. Once you know that much about one thing, you’ll start to see other buildings or cities differently. Again, this is the kind of role that will make for an interesting talking point in job interviews, especially if you can impress the hiring manager with relevant trivia.