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What Makes a Young Surveyor of the Year winner?

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 18 Jul 2019

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In such a competitive time, winning awards and gaining industry recognition significantly aids your profile and career prospects, even with your current employer and clients.

So, how do you write a winning entry? We have asked those who have already won RICS Matrics Young Surveyor awards and those who have judged them, for some insight.

Judges top tips

  • Prepare - allow enough time to compile your entry and gather all your achievements so you can select the very best to showcase in the final submission.
  • Be precise - don't waffle, the word count is fairly low so use it wisely.
  • What's the value - keep the emphasis on benefits to clients and the project and less about personal development. Although development is important those who won in the past have demonstrated adding value.
  • Let your personality shine - the judges will be reading a large number of entries and so it is advisable to make the entry as interesting as possible, whilst maintaining professionalism. Keep a light-hearted tone. You want to entertain your reader and not educate them.
  • More than just the day job - differentiate between the normal job function and how you have exceeded the expectations and identify the impact you have had, it's all about you.
  • Evidence – where possible try to provide evidence and testimonials to support your entry.
  • Winning statement – use it as an executive summary but don't simply duplicate content from earlier in the entry. This is your chance to leave a lasting impact.
  • Read, proofread and repeat - be thorough with your final proofread. Share it with a colleague or friend, preferably someone not involved in the projects. This will help check that there is not too much jargon or acronyms. They will also be more likely to pick up on typos and grammatical errors.

Enter the RICS Young Surveyor of the Year Awards 2019

Submit yourself and showcase your potential as one of the brightest talents in UK surveying.

Advice from some of last years' winners

What advice would you give to someone entering?

Just go for it. Get some really good examples of the work that you have done, and a client reference also helps. (Rachel Kirk – Winner, Land, (Urban and Rural)

Everyone who thinks they can enter should enter. I entered and didn't think I had a chance given I work for a SME firm and deliver services to clients that are niche. Working on something specific is often a benefit as you might be young, but still an expert in your field and certainly worthy of the award. (James Ryan - Winner, Asset and FM)

Be yourself. Let your own individuality and personality shine through. Also, back up your statements with evidence and examples of where you've demonstrated your star quality. (Vijay Singh, Winner, Valuation)

Why do you think you won?

RK: I had a great project to explain and a Client that didn't mind doing a reference.

JR: I think I won because my submission articulated the specialist nature of the advice I offer clients and outlined how my career has progressed rapidly in a short space of time. I also try to give some of what spare time I have back to the RICS, which always helps.

Why should people enter? What's it done for you?

RK: My company suggested I enter, and it has been a fantastic opportunity as I never would have thought that I would win my category. It has certainly raised my profile, both within my ordanisation but externally as well. People are still congratulating me now, eight months on from the Awards ceremony.

JR: People should enter or nominate because it is a great opportunity to get some recognition for hard work. I have been amazed at how many clients, contacts and people I don't even know are aware of my award. I frequently have had comments from people over the last year where they have said they have seen my award and are really pleased for me. Some of these people are CEO's and really senior people in FTSE listed companies. Being congratulated by these people and them taking an interest in your work is great for business and a hugely rewarding feeling. Everyone should put themselves forwards to feel that!

VS: Winning a Young Surveyor Award is a huge accolade which is recognised and applauded industry wide, these awards celebrate young talent in profession like no other.