What to Do After Losing Your Job

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 20 Sep 2017


Whether you are made redundant or fired, the time following your departure can be scary and chaotic. However, there are several steps you can take to make sure you’re not out of work for long.

Here’s our list of five things to do to stay financially and mentally sound.

Leave with integrity

It can be easy to lose your cool when hearing you’ve lost your job, but be sure to keep your emotions under control. Focus on what you are being told, remain attentive and ask whatever you need to get answers and closure.

Remember that you may well need a reference at some stage, and given that potential hiring managers could call your past employers, it’s best to leave by giving an admirably professional impression.


If your job loss was unexpected, one of the biggest problems you’re likely to have is lack of funds. Write down all your regular monthly outgoings, and make a budget based on your savings and any remaining salary or severance pay.

Update your CV

Include your most recent work experience, focusing on the tasks you performed well and the results you achieved. Go back through old positions and highlight the experience you gained in them.

Be sure to check your CV thoroughly: typos and grammatical errors will not help in finding a new position.

Clean up social media profiles

Go through all your social media profiles to make sure they are employer-friendly: there are several things you can do to make your profiles look professional. Aside from hiding or removing any inappropriate posts, you should consider building your personal brand on social media and turning your profiles into something you’re proud of.


Reach out to all the people in your professional network and let them know that you’re seeking employment; they may have some potential leads. You should also make a point of attending industry events and making new connections.