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Why You Should Use Niche Job Boards

Written by: RICS Recruit
Published on: 27 Sep 2019

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These days, job hunting is getting easier. With the vast majority of recruiters turning to online job boards, all it takes to find your dream post is a quick search on one of the big-name sites – right?


When using the major sites, your search will bring up results in a number of different sectors, and possibly even locations. A title such as “Project Manager” could refer to a variety of roles depending on context.

The best tools at your disposal in your search are niche job boards – those that focus on your specific sector or profession. These will allow you to target your search, saving you the time and energy it takes to filter out irrelevant results. There are plenty of other reasons to use a niche site, including the following.

Smaller candidate pools

One of the reasons why recruiters like posting jobs on niche boards is because they know that everyone applying is in the correct sector. Just as you won’t find search results for jobs outside your profession, they won’t get candidates who apply without reading the job description.

This naturally leads to smaller candidate pools, allowing the recruiter more time to consider each application. As an applicant, this works in your favour, giving you a much better chance to stand out from the crowd.

Relevant jobs

As mentioned above, searching a general job board for a title such as “Project Manager” will bring up results in dozens of sectors and you’ll waste time making sure you find one that’s right. By using a niche job board, you’re already narrowing down the search parameters to the right sector for you, and you may discover roles and companies that you never would have heard of otherwise.

Generic search terms work better on a niche job site than on larger ones. When you come across a role for a “Team Leader” or “Senior Manager”, you already know that it’s in an industry that’s relevant to you. More precise searches work better too, as you’re more likely to find titles and descriptions with sector-specific language.

Higher-quality jobs

Recruiters know that there are benefits in posting on niche sites, and that they’re more likely to find higher-quality candidates than on generic job boards.

The opposite is true as well – recruiters are more likely to put better jobs on the niche sites. For instance, if you’re looking for an entry-level position in fashion, a niche site will be more likely to have jobs in design and marketing, while a general board might have more retail or customer-service positions.

Better descriptions

Since niche job boards are aimed at a specific audience, recruiters can use more jargon in the job descriptions. This can give you a much better idea of what skills, experience, and training they are seeking.

Having a more detailed job description can allow you to be more specific in your CV. You can tailor your application to highlight the qualities they mention, making yourself a more appealing candidate.

Targeted advice

In addition to the jobs themselves, niche sites also offer specialist advice. While much advice about applying for jobs is universal, there are some aspects that can change according to the sector. Issues such as how and when to include a portfolio or whether you really do need that certification can make or break your application. RICS Recruit offers hundreds of articles aimed at helping surveyors and property professionals advance their careers.