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  • Older smiling women in construction site

    What is inclusive recruitment?

    • 26 Mar 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Inclusive recruitment is key to attracting top talent as 60% of the workforce today consider the inclusion credentials of the businesses they intend to join.

  • Becoming an RICS Member

    • 30 Mar 2021
    • RICS Recruit

    Becoming a member of RICS opens up a world of opportunities. Take a look at why you should consider RICS qualification if you want to get ahead in your career.

  • Your guide to creating inclusive job adverts

    • 16 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Get ahead of your competitors by learning how to craft job adverts that appeal to a broader range of candidates, widen your reach and showcase your firm’s diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Five ways to support hiring managers in inclusive recruitment

    • 11 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    HR can help hiring managers in these 5 different ways to ensure that the hiring process is inclusive.

  • Why surveying businesses should be hiring from other sectors

    • 9 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Find out about the advantages of hiring career changers with experience in different business sectors, and how it can transform your firm’s decision-making and engagement.

  • Why bring younger newly qualified candidates into your surveying business?

    • 4 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Discover the ways surveying businesses can enhance their appeal to the most talented career starters with an innovative and inclusive recruitment strategy.

  • Who is responsible for inclusive recruitment?

    • 2 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Understanding which roles are responsible for promoting diversity and inclusion in recruiting will enable continuous improvement for a business of any size.

  • What’s the law around inclusive recruitment?

    • 28 Mar 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Comply with inclusive recruitment legislation to safeguard your company’s reputation, mitigate against legal risks and broaden your candidate talent pool.

  • A closer look at the women in building surveying

    • 21 Mar 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Despite progress, women remain underrepresented, but there's a growing demand for building surveyors. Hear from professionals in the industry about reflections on their career journeys and discover how women in building surveying are overcoming barriers, embracing fulfilling work, and shaping the future of the profession.

  • RICS Member Spotlight: Andrew J Crawford BSc (Hons), FRICS

    • 18 Mar 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    RICS spoke with Andrew J Crawford BSc (Hons), FRICS, FCIArb, MSc, PG Dip, APAEWE about his experience of becoming a surveyor and starting his own business

  • Career progression pathways for Quantity Surveyors

    • 23 Feb 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Navigate your path to success: learn about development opportunities for quantity surveyors, with strategies and insights to help you secure your next role.

  • Interviewing for Building Surveyor roles

    • 13 Nov 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Preparing for a new building surveyor role? Make an impression with these 8 building surveyor interview questions.

  • A guide to planning your surveyor career path

    • 23 Oct 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Career planning is integral to success. Use Role Insights to take that next step on your surveyor career path.

  • Natalie Chiku, MRICS

    RICS Member Spotlight with Natalie Chiku MRICS

    • 20 Oct 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    RICS spoke with Natalie Chiku, MRICS. An Estate Surveyor at Hertsmere Borough Council, about her journey to become a surveyor.

  • Nelly Mbugua, OGW, MRICS

    10 Minutes with Nelly Mbugua, MRICS from Kenya

    • 19 Sep 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    RICS spoke with Nelly Mbugua, OGW, MRICS, Managing Director of Citiscape Valuers & Estate Agents Ltd, about her career as a surveyor and her experience as the first woman to serve as Deputy President of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya.

  • A guide to building control jobs

    A guide to building control jobs

    • 9 Jun 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Building control surveyors are in high demand. From skill to salary progression: here’s what you need to know about building control jobs.

  • A guide to quantity surveying jobs

    A Guide To Quantity Surveying Jobs

    • 3 Apr 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Quantity surveyors are in high demand. From skill to salary progression: here’s what you need to know about quantity surveying jobs.

  • Looking at World

    10 Ways to Work Effectively Across Cultures

    • 10 Mar 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    RICS Recruit’s top ten tips for working across cultures could help you approach cross-cultural interactions a little differently.

  • A guide to graduate building surveying jobs

    A guide to graduate building surveying jobs

    • 27 Jan 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Graduate building surveyors are in high demand. From skill to salary progression: here’s what you need to know about graduate building surveying jobs.

  • Seven ways to work effectively across time zones

    Seven ways to work effectively across time zones

    • 6 Dec 2022
    • RICS Recruit

    Working across time zones can feel like a juggling act. It’s not easy to collaborate and keep team spirit high across different time zones but despite these challenges, most organisations in surveying will find the benefits of working across time zones outweigh the limitations.