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  • Balancing University and Part-Time Work

    11 Sep 2019| RICS Recruit

    Juggling your studies with a part-time job isn’t an easy task.

  • Freshers 2019: 7 Reasons to Meet Your Careers Advisor

    9 Sep 2019| RICS Recruit

    Why you should prioritise a visit to your university’s career centre.

  • How To: Dress for Interview Success

    6 Sep 2019| RICS Recruit

    Wearing the right outfit is the key to making a good first impression at an interview.

  • Do Grades Define Your Success?

    4 Sep 2019| RICS Recruit

    With the announcement of results for A Levels and GCSEs in the past couple of weeks we ask the question – are grades all that matter?

  • Upcoming Events in October 2019

    3 Sep 2019| RICS Recruit

    A selection of RICS’ upcoming events.

  • Inspiring the Next Generation of Scottish Surveyors

    30 Aug 2019

    With over 150,000 young people getting their Highers results and thinking about their future career journeys, we highlight what initiatives the Future Talent team at RICS have been working on to help inspire the next generation of surveyors in Scotland.

  • 6 Tips on Writing a Cover Letter

    28 Aug 2019| RICS Recruit

    Here are six tips to help make your cover letter memorable.

  • A Guide to Starting University

    28 Aug 2019| RICS Recruit

    Our tips for getting through your first few weeks at university.

  • Landing Your First Graduate Job

    26 Aug 2019| RICSRecruit

    What are the best strategies for new graduates entering the job market?

  • Can you get a Surveying Job without an RICS-Accredited Degree?

    21 Aug 2019| RICS Recruit

    A career in quantity and building surveying is open to graduates from all academic disciplines.

  • RICS Recruit Tips on Successful Networking

    19 Aug 2019| RICS Recruit

    RICS Recruit’s top tips and tricks to help improve your networking skills.

  • Clearing Courses in Surveying

    15 Aug 2019| RICS Recruit

    With A levels and Higher results coming out, if you’re not sure what to do as a next step, why not consider a professional career in surveying?

  • How to Improve Employee Engagement

    7 Aug 2019| RICS Recruit

    Our tips for keeping staff members motivated and engaged.

  • What Makes a Young Surveyor of the Year winner?

    18 Jul 2019| RICS Recruit

    Hear from previous Young Surveyor of the Year winners and how it benefited them, and how you can win.

  • A Day in the Life of a Residential Surveyor at White Horse Surveyors

    16 Jul 2019| RICS Recruit

    If you are considering a career in residential surveying, why not hear what it is like day-to-day from someone who has chosen the Residential Surveying profession.

  • Getting the Most From Mentoring

    12 Jul 2019| RICS Recruit

    RICS Recruit offers tips on getting the most out of mentoring.

  • RICS Recruit Job Searching Tips

    10 Jul 2019| RICS Recruit

    The same characteristics that make sharks good hunters can also help you find your next role.

  • How Football and Other Team Sports Can Help your Career

    8 Jul 2019| RICS Recruit

    Playing football and other sports can develop your transferable skills.

  • Surveyors: Staying Safe on Site

    3 Jul 2019| RICS Recruit

    What safety factors do surveyors need to be aware of when visiting a site?

  • Returning to Work After Parental Leave

    1 Jul 2019| RICS Recruit

    Heading back to work after parental leave? Here are RICS Recruit’s tips for making a smooth transition.