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  • Tips to Make Working from Home Work

    8 Apr 2020| RICS Recruit

    Follow our simple tips to make working from home a positive and productive experience.

  • A Guide to Flexible Working

    6 Apr 2020| RICS Recruit

    Flexible working can allow you to manage both your work and extra-curricular activities.

  • Three Tips To Getting That Surveying Job

    1 Apr 2020| RICS Recruit

    There are many reasons to change jobs: new opportunities, experiences, promotion. But before you jump headlong into applications, there are a few elements you need to consider.

  • How To: Make the Most of LinkedIn

    30 Mar 2020| RICS Recruit

    Our top tips on how to optimise LinkedIn for your job hunt.

  • Social Media: What Employers Like to Find on Your Profile

    27 Mar 2020| RICS Recruit

    There are plenty of things you shouldn’t post on social media, but what can you post that will make you more appealing to employers?

  • How To: Have a Successful Video Interview

    18 Mar 2020| RICS Recruit

    Get our tips on making a great first impression in a video interview.

  • How Diversity Helps the Workplace

    18 Mar 2020| RICS Recruit

    What are the benefits of a diverse workforce?

  • 7 top tips for the APC

    9 Mar 2020| RICS Recruit

    Don't let nerves get the better of you, follow RICS Recruit APC advice on how to nail your APC.

  • Do Your Skills Match What Employers Are Looking For?

    2 Mar 2020| RICS Recruit

    Identifying the skills employers want and using the knowledge to make your CV stand out is always effective if you follow three simple rules, according to recruitment experts.

  • Love Your Job with These Small Changes

    24 Feb 2020| RICS Recruit

    A few easy changes can be all you need to love your job.

  • How Did You Get into Surveying?

    17 Feb 2020| RICS Recruit

    We talk to three surveyors about how they found out about surveying and made their journey into a successful career.

  • Why You Should Research a Company Before an Interview

    14 Feb 2020| RICS Recruit

    Researching prospective employers is essential if you want your job hunt to succeed.

  • Can You Change Your Surveying Sector?

    3 Feb 2020| RICS Recruit

    If you're a quantity surveyor, valuer or building surveyor looking to change sector, read this article to find out what's possible.

  • Plan For Your First 90 Days And Ace The Interview

    13 Jan 2020| RICS Recruit

    How a plan for your first 90 days in a new job can help you ace an interview

  • Making Your CV Relevant in 2020

    10 Jan 2020| RICS Recruit

    Take a look at our tips for revamping your CV in 2020

  • What Am I Doing Wrong on LinkedIn?

    10 Jan 2020| RICS Recruit

    If you’re not getting what you want out of LinkedIn, you may be doing something wrong.

  • Writing a Winning Cover Letter

    8 Jan 2020| RICS Recruit

    A good cover letter is essential when applying for a job, giving you a chance to showcase your skills and prove that you’re the right person to recruit.

  • 7 Common Job Interview Questions

    13 Dec 2019| RICS Recruit

    What are some of the typical questions you’ll face in a job interview?

  • Jedi Mind Tricks to Use in Job Applications

    11 Dec 2019| RICS Recruit

    Use the Force to influence employers and give yourself an advantage in job applications.

  • 5 Job Searching Myths

    29 Nov 2019| RICS Recruit

    When it comes to job hunting, myths and misconceptions abound.