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  • Laptop with CV

    5 top tips when it comes to your surveying CV

    • 4 Aug 2022
    • RICS Recruit

    We caught up with Madeline Cooling, Managing Director at Aldwych Consulting for her insight on what employers engage with when looking at applicant CVs.

  • Surveying job references: Frequently asked questions

    • 7 Apr 2021
    • RICS Recruit

    In the surveying industry, building a strong reputation and making the right connections is key to getting on. Choosing the right people to be your referees is just the start of this process.

  • person on laptop

    Do Your Skills Match What Employers Are Looking For?

    • 2 Mar 2020
    • RICS Recruit

    Identifying the skills employers want and using the knowledge to make your CV stand out is always effective if you follow three simple rules, according to recruitment experts.

  • CV

    Making Your CV Relevant in 2020

    • 10 Jan 2020
    • RICS Recruit

    Take a look at our tips for revamping your CV in 2020

  • Cover letter

    Writing a Winning Cover Letter

    • 8 Jan 2020
    • RICS Recruit

    A good cover letter is essential when applying for a job, giving you a chance to showcase your skills and prove that you’re the right person to recruit.

  • Gummy Bears

    6 Tips on Writing a Cover Letter

    • 28 Aug 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    Here are six tips to help make your cover letter memorable.

  • Woman Writing

    What to Include in Your First CV

    • 24 May 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    How do you showcase your experience, education and achievements in a two-page document?

  • Mistakes

    Common CV Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    • 20 May 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    Our nine helpful tips will ensure you don’t fall into common CV traps.

  • Get the Job You Want in 2019 with These Pro Tips

    • 24 Jan 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    Get the job you want by staying relevant within the industry with this insider knowledge.

  • Mario

    Steps to Make Your CV Stand Out

    • 23 Jan 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    Ensuring your CV stands out amongst many others is crucial to securing that interview.

  • woman writing

    How To: Write a Senior-Level CV

    • 25 Jul 2018
    • RICS Recruit

    Don’t let your CV fall behind as you move forward in your career.

  • Spring Clean

    Spring Clean Your CV

    • 23 Mar 2018
    • RICS Recruit

    Spring is the perfect time to refresh your CV.

  • Sewing Pins

    Tailoring Your CV to Fit the Role

    • 1 Jan 2017
    • RICS Recruit

    When it comes to your CV, one size does not fit all.