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  • Older smiling women in construction site

    What is inclusive recruitment?

    • 26 Mar 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Inclusive recruitment is key to attracting top talent as 60% of the workforce today consider the inclusion credentials of the businesses they intend to join.

  • How first-time hiring managers can recruit inclusively

    • 13 Jun 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Some smaller firms might not have their own HR department, so expert advice can support first-time hiring managers wanting to know how recruitment practices can foster diversity and cultivate an inclusive workplace.

  • How to complain about unfair recruitment procedures

    • 21 May 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Learn how to identify and address discrimination and unfair recruitment practices in job interviews. Understand how to complain and what your legal options are.

  • What reasonable adjustments should job applicants expect from employers?

    • 14 May 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Learn how to request reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process and beyond. Gain insights from an award-winning surveyor who is an advocate for inclusivity in the workplace

  • The Impact of New Flexible Working Laws on Surveyors

    • 2 May 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    In today’s evolving workplace, flexibility has become a necessity. A new set of flexible working laws has been passed in the UK and we’re here to inform you on what this means for surveyors, both as an employee and an employer.

  • Seven questions you should never be asked in an interview

    • 30 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Learn about the questions you should never be asked in an interview and how to handle them professionally while asserting your rights under the Equality Act 2010

  • How to choose a diverse interview panel

    • 23 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Find out how you can put some controls and processes in place, as having a diverse panel when interviewing is key to ensure an inclusive recruitment process.

  • How to conduct inclusive interviews

    • 18 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    87% of candidates say good interview will make them more attracted to a role or company and having inclusive practices will help make the best impression.

  • Your guide to creating inclusive job adverts

    • 16 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Get ahead of your competitors by learning how to craft job adverts that appeal to a broader range of candidates, widen your reach and showcase your firm’s diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Five ways to support hiring managers in inclusive recruitment

    • 11 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    HR can help hiring managers in these 5 different ways to ensure that the hiring process is inclusive.

  • Why surveying businesses should be hiring from other sectors

    • 9 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Find out about the advantages of hiring career changers with experience in different business sectors, and how it can transform your firm’s decision-making and engagement.

  • Why bring younger newly qualified candidates into your surveying business?

    • 4 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Discover the ways surveying businesses can enhance their appeal to the most talented career starters with an innovative and inclusive recruitment strategy.

  • Who is responsible for inclusive recruitment?

    • 2 Apr 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Understanding which roles are responsible for promoting diversity and inclusion in recruiting will enable continuous improvement for a business of any size.

  • What’s the law around inclusive recruitment?

    • 28 Mar 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Comply with inclusive recruitment legislation to safeguard your company’s reputation, mitigate against legal risks and broaden your candidate talent pool.