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  • How Technology Is Enhancing the Surveying Profession

    17 Sep 2019| RICS Recruit

    White Horse Surveyors give RICS Recruit an insight into which technologies are impacting the industry the most.

  • 5 Things We Learned From Last Year's Salary Survey

    29 Nov 2017| RICS Recruit

    RICS annual salary survey provides valuable insights into the profession.

  • Surveying Job Board Statistics: Q3 2016 Analysis

    24 Oct 2016| RICS Recruit

    An analysis of RICS Recruit's job board stats for Q3 2016.

  • Recruitment: Positivity in Construction

    14 Oct 2016| RICS Recruit

    The skills shortage is increasing the competition for quality staff, but candidates shouldn’t be enticed by short-term financial gains.

  • RICS Blue Book Consultation 6th Edition 2016

    25 Jul 2016| RICS Recruit

    Are you passionate about the UK Residential market?  Have your say on our new draft Residential Property Standards 6th edition and earn CPD points.

  • Land Focus: What Do Land Surveyors Do?

    24 Nov 2015| RICS Recruit

    Surveyors working within the land area comprise a range of specialists who are experts in all aspects of land and the related environment.

  • Construction focus

    17 Nov 2015| RICS Recruit

    Whatever your interests, there are plenty of opportunities in the construction sector.

  • Property focus: What Do Property Surveyors Do?

    4 Nov 2015| RICS Recruit

    Working in property can provide great opportunities to play a part in every aspect of the development, purchase, sale and management of property.

  • Quantity Surveyors: Is it all plain sailing from here?

    11 Aug 2015| Oyster Partnership

    Jake Major of Oyster Partnership discusses current conditions in the construction industry.

  • Summary of the specialisms

    23 Jul 2015| RICS Recruit

    Would you like to build stadiums, or help protect rainforests? With so many specialisms – the choice is yours…

  • My surveying story: Lt Col Ian Webster TD

    8 Oct 2014| RICS

    RICS Recruit meets Lt Col Ian Webster TD, a chartered surveyor and Military Engineer

  • My surveying story: Peter Folwell

    2 Oct 2014| RICS

    RICS Recruit meets Peter Folwell, an APC candidate frequently involved in Hollywood blockbusters

  • Surveying around the world: Sub-Saharan Africa

    16 Sep 2014| RICS Recruit

    In the next part of RICS Recruit's surveying around the world series, we visit Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Surveying around the world: Brazil

    4 Sep 2014| RICS Recruit

    We explore the Brazilian surveying market with Marcia Ferrari, RICS Brazil Country Manager

  • Surveying around the world: ASEAN

    22 Aug 2014| RICS Recruit

    In the first part of this series, we explore the different surveying terms used in the ASEAN region with Bill Jones

  • Surveying the Future profile: Dayle Bayliss

    23 Jul 2014| RICS Recruit/Dayle Bayliss

    We introduce you to Dayle Bayliss, an award-winning surveyor who has helped others to enter the industry

  • RICS Futures: Planning for the future

    20 Jun 2014| RICS Recruit

    We carry a responsibility to help shape the future of our profession for the public good

  • Surveying the Future Part 1: Introduction

    27 May 2014| RICS Recruit/RICS Press Office

    Tackling the issue of diversity in a sector, which today only has 13% female representation among qualified chartered surveyors, is no easy task

  • Surveying the Future Part 2: Profiles

    27 May 2014| RICS Press Office

    We meet three female surveyors who share their backgrounds and experiences