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  • How To: Have a Successful Video Interview

    18 Mar 2020| RICS Recruit

    Get our tips on making a great first impression in a video interview.

  • Why You Should Research a Company Before an Interview

    14 Feb 2020| RICS Recruit

    Researching prospective employers is essential if you want your job hunt to succeed.

  • 7 Common Job Interview Questions

    13 Dec 2019| RICS Recruit

    What are some of the typical questions you’ll face in a job interview?

  • Jedi Mind Tricks to Use in Job Applications

    11 Dec 2019| RICS Recruit

    Use the Force to influence employers and give yourself an advantage in job applications.

  • RICS Recruit Group Interview Tips

    21 Nov 2019| RICS Recruit

    Use our tips to ensure you grab employers’ attention during group interviews.

  • APC Mock Final Assessment Interview

    11 Nov 2019| RICS Recruit

    Worried about what your APC Final Assessment could be like? Here is an example of an APC Mock Final Assessment Interview.

  • How To: Dress for Interview Success

    6 Sep 2019| RICS Recruit

    Wearing the right outfit is the key to making a good first impression at an interview.

  • 8 Questions to Ask After an Interview

    19 Jun 2019| RICS Recruit

    What questions should candidates have for employers at the end of an interview?

  • So You Got an Interview – Now What?

    16 Jan 2019| RICS Recruit

    The keys to preparing for a successful interview.

  • How to use The STAR Technique

    28 May 2018| RICS Recruit

    Every jobseeker should learn this useful method for answering questions.

  • The 4 Stages of Job Interviews

    6 Apr 2018| RICS Recruit

    What are the different kinds of interviews you may face as part of the standard application process?

  • Psychometric Testing in Interviews

    5 Apr 2017| RICS Recruit

    With psychometric tests becoming increasingly common in recruitment, it’s important to know what to expect and prepare properly.