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  • Career progression pathways for Quantity Surveyors

    • 23 Feb 2024
    • RICS Recruit

    Navigate your path to success: learn about development opportunities for quantity surveyors, with strategies and insights to help you secure your next role.

  • A guide to planning your surveyor career path

    • 23 Oct 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Career planning is integral to success. Use Role Insights to take that next step on your surveyor career path.

  • A guide to building control jobs

    A guide to building control jobs

    • 9 Jun 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Building control surveyors are in high demand. From skill to salary progression: here’s what you need to know about building control jobs.

  • A guide to quantity surveying jobs

    A Guide To Quantity Surveying Jobs

    • 3 Apr 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Quantity surveyors are in high demand. From skill to salary progression: here’s what you need to know about quantity surveying jobs.

  • A guide to graduate building surveying jobs

    A guide to graduate building surveying jobs

    • 27 Jan 2023
    • RICS Recruit

    Graduate building surveyors are in high demand. From skill to salary progression: here’s what you need to know about graduate building surveying jobs.

  • Why you should consider going client-side

    • 25 Jun 2021
    • RICS Recruit

    Two senior RICS surveyors reveal the benefits of leaving the traditional surveying career path and going client-side.

  • Why every candidate needs to know proptech and how to use it

    • 23 Jun 2021
    • RICS Recruit

    Employers expect you to know how to use latest surveying tools but it’s also about how you apply that knowledge

  • Networking: How and why should you do it?

    • 29 Apr 2021
    • RICS Recruit

    Networking isn't something that should only happen when you are looking for a new job. It should be a regular occurrence and, done right, can be enjoyable, personally profitable and beneficial.

  • Why CPD training is your shortcut to success

    • 7 Apr 2021
    • RICS Recruit

    This guide will help you to see the benefits of completing CPD. It will help you find an approach that works for you.

  • Networking

    How to network, present and cross-sell as a surveyor

    • 2 Apr 2021
    • RICS Recruit

    For many surveyors, the idea of sales meetings, networking events and large-scale presentations is daunting.

  • Apple Pear

    Working for Large Firms v Small Companies

    • 25 Nov 2019
    • Melani King

    Melani King of Heron Partnership discusses the pros and cons of working at big and small businesses.

  • Stress

    Coping with APC Stress

    • 15 Nov 2019
    • Kate Taylor

    Guest blogger and APC assessor Kate Taylor on how to help beat stress at RICS APC time

  • Passing APC

    A guide to help you pass your APC

    • 13 Nov 2019
    • Melani King

    Melani King of Heron Partnerships gives her useful tips on passing your APC.

  • People in lobby of building

    Do Grades Define Your Success?

    • 4 Sep 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    With the announcement of results for A Levels and GCSEs in the past couple of weeks we ask the question – are grades all that matter?

  • Young asian woman

    What Makes a Young Surveyor of the Year winner?

    • 18 Jul 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    Hear from previous Young Surveyor of the Year winners and how it benefited them, and how you can win.

  • Mentoring

    Getting the Most From Mentoring

    • 12 Jul 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    RICS Recruit offers tips on getting the most out of mentoring.

  • Football

    How Football and Other Team Sports Can Help your Career

    • 8 Jul 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    Playing football and other sports can develop your transferable skills.

  • Business people networking

    Escape Your Comfort Zone

    • 17 Jun 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    Learn from Gary Williams who is a Business Development Consultant and Executive Coach on how to get out of your comfort zone and become a more effective professional.

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition in 2019

    • 7 Mar 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    In the ever changing industry of surveying with technology enhancements it is important to stay ahead of the competition

  • Apprenticeship stories- Adelle Rhule-Martin

    • 8 Feb 2019
    • RICS Recruit

    Adelle- Rhule Martin's passion for the surveying industry drove her to pursue an apprenticeship within surveying.