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  • 10 Minutes with Natalia Pujiyanti MRICS

    12 Mar 2020| RICS Recruit

    We caught up with the Director of Arcadis Indonesia, read on to discover her journey in getting there.

  • A Day in the Life of a Residential Surveyor at White Horse Surveyors

    16 Jul 2019| RICS Recruit

    If you are considering a career in residential surveying, why not hear what it is like day-to-day from someone who has chosen the Residential Surveying profession.

  • Why I chose surveying and how I’ve been welcomed as a young woman

    25 Apr 2019| RICS Recruit

    We quizzed Iram Munawar MRICS on why she changed her studies from law to surveying and asked what advice she’d give to people who are undecided on their degree choice.

  • Apprenticeship stories- Adelle Rhule-Martin

    8 Feb 2019| RICS Recruit

    Adelle- Rhule Martin's passion for the surveying industry drove her to pursue an apprenticeship within surveying.

  • Apprenticeship Stories - Jonathan Springer

    7 Feb 2019| RICS Recruit

    Jonathan Springer talks about the perceived perceptions of apprenticeships and his experience.

  • Apprenticeship Stories - Jessica Austen

    6 Feb 2019| RICS Recruit

    Interested in becoming a surveyor? Hear from an apprentice surveyor and their experience.

  • Apprenticeship Stories - Joe Chapman

    5 Feb 2019| RICS Recruit

    Joe Chapman is a Quantity Surveyor with Turner and Townsend, he talks of his experience, and how the apprenticeship has helped him in his career.

  • 10 Minutes with MRICS Alan Fox a surveyor in Australia

    6 Dec 2018| RICS Recruit

    Alan is a MRICS and originally from Ireland, he specialises in healthcare projects and is currently managing a hallmark $1 billion redevelopment of one of Sydney’s largest hospitals.

  • The Surveying's Evolving Expertise

    16 Nov 2018| RICS Recruit

    The skills required of a quantity surveyor have changed markedly over the past three decades. Rachel Titley looks at the aptitudes we need today – and tomorrow.

  • 10 minutes with Ameya Gumaste MRICS

    12 Mar 2018| RICS Recruit

    As a child, Country Manager of Turner & Townsend India Ameya Gumaste MRICS was fascinated by how a plan on paper could become a real-life building. He is now responsible for 125 people across India, but how did he get there? Ameya tells us in his own words.

  • 10 minutes with the Director at MBM Nicola Woodward MRICS

    7 Mar 2018| RICS Recruit

    After years of valuation and tax experience in the UK, Nicola embarked on a backpacking trip to Australia, where, after running out of funds, she started her own firm. What was she thinking? Nicola tells us in her own words.

  • 10 minutes with Ross Wheble MRICS

    21 Feb 2018| RICS Recruit

    Country Manager at Knight Frank Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Ross Wheble MRICS started out in stocks, but ended up in surveying after a leap of faith from the UK to work in Malaysia. Ross tells us more in his own words.

  • 10 minutes with Lina Wong MRICS, MD of Colliers International

    7 Feb 2018| RICS Recruit

    Managing Director, East and South-West China at Colliers International Lina Wong MRICS was the real estate industry’s first female MD for Shanghai and now manages more than 200 professionals in one of the key cities in global real estate, but how did she get there? Lina tells us in her own words.

  • Meet a Mentor: Anil Singh Rana FRICS

    19 Jul 2017| RICS Recruit

    RICS Recruit caught up with Anil Singh Rana to talk about his time as a mentor.

  • My Surveying Story: Odiri Itoje

    8 Mar 2017| RICS Recruit

    We talk to Odiri Itoje about living her childhood dream of working in property.

  • My Surveying Story: Sharon Slinger

    8 Mar 2017| RICS Recruit

    Sharon Slinger talks about diversity in surveying and the impact of her work with the Carillion LGBT Network.

  • My Surveying Story: Katie Parsonson

    8 Mar 2017| RICS Recruit

    Katie Parsonson tells us about her journey into property and how she encourages young people to do the same.

  • My Surveying Story: Sammy Kingston

    6 Mar 2017| RICS Recruit

    ​We speak to one of the co-founders of the Apprentice Network about his journey into surveying.

  • My Surveying Story: Rachel Dick FRICS

    25 Nov 2016| RICS Recruit

    Rachel Dick FRICS tells RICS Recruit how excited she is to be a part of embedding standards, and about her journey to RICS.

  • My Surveying Story: Alex Macaulay

    26 Aug 2016| RICS Recruit

    Graduate Surveyor Alex Macaulay tells RICS Recruit how he achieved his life-long dream of working in property thanks to an internship with Sociable Surveyors.