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Showing 35 roles

Project Manager

£48,500-£60,000 46 job openings

Building Surveyor

£45,500-£56,000 46 job openings

Senior Quantity Surveyor

£56,500-£69,000 37 job openings

Senior Project Manager

£56,500-£69,000 36 job openings

Senior Building Surveyor

£44,500-£55,000 28 job openings

Quantity Surveyor

£48,000-£60,000 26 job openings

Senior Surveyor

£46,500-£57,500 13 job openings

Assistant Quantity Surveyor

£29,500-£39,000 12 job openings

Assistant Building Surveyor

£30,500-£39,500 12 job openings

Residential Surveyor

£48,500-£59,000 10 job openings

Project Quantity Surveyor

£43,000-£53,000 9 job openings

Project Director

£74,000-£94,000 9 job openings

Estates Surveyor

£38,000-£47,500 9 job openings

Asset Manager

£53,000-£63,000 5 job openings

Property Manager

£42,000-£51,000 4 job openings

Associate Project Manager

£63,000-£73,500 4 job openings


£53,000-£63,500 3 job openings

Senior Cost Consultant

£56,500-£68,000 1 job opening

Project Development Manager

£55,000-£65,000 1 job opening

Estates Manager

£51,000-£62,000 1 job opening