Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to protect birds and the environment. Bird populations reflect the health of the planet on which our future depends.

The need for a leading conservation charity has never been greater.  

The RSPB could not exist without its supporters and members. Whether you join us, give a donation, purchase items from us or undertake voluntary work, your support is vital to the future of birds and the places where they live.

How many surveyors currently work for RSPB?

We have a national team of 19 Rural Surveyors and 2 Building Surveyors who between them are responsible for providing professional property advice on over 150,000 hectares across all four countries of the UK and for several million pounds of built estate.

What is it like to work for the RSPB as a surveyor?

Challenging, because to meet RSPB’s ecological requirements, the standard commercial answer isn’t always the right one; and rewarding knowing your contribution will make a difference to saving nature and the public good. Each rural surveyor carries out a wide variety of work, covering a broad range of professional work as per private practice. Specialisms occur but no-one is pigeon-holed.

Why should someone apply to the RSPB?

Because you get to carry out the full range of private practice work on the land of most conservation value, in the most spectacular scenery in the UK and make a professional contribution towards towards overcoming the conservation challenges faced in the rural environment often using groundbreaking techniques. There are targets, objectives and budgets to meet, but you will not have the private practice requirements of time sheets, fee targets or be expected to generate new clients. Nor will you be on-call for tenants. The work undertaken offers you a chance to shine professionally, as well as opportunities to further develop your career and knowledge.

What are the working values at the RSPB?

RSPB’s working values are:

  • Focused – clarity of direction, united around a common purpose
  • Together – power of working together, be open to influence, respect other people, and share power
  • Bold – go for growth, give and take responsibility, be decisive, and be open to new ideas
  • Supportive – everyone matters, all skills of all people, people grow too, and set people up to succeed.

RSPB has 7 core competencies that it expects from all its staff:

  • Direction - You ensure you have a clear direction and sense of common purpose that guides what you do and how you approach your work.
  • Energy - You bring energy and urgency to the RSPB to motivate people to do the best they can.
  • Capability - You build your own and other people’s capabilities, directly and indirectly.
  • Relationships - You communicate effectively and build productive internal and external relationships.
  • Change - You support continuous improvement and change and constantly look for way to do things better.
  • Advocacy - You act as an advocate for the RSPB.
  • Performance - You get things done, achieve ambitious goals and the RSPB’s aims.

The following behaviours are expected of RSPB Rural Surveyors in delivering the competencies:

  • Is prepared to take on new challenges outside their comfort zone.
  • Makes the effort to collaborate with others, even when under pressure.
  • Always assumes positive intentions in others.
  • Listens to other people’s ideas and suggestions.
  • Treat other people as equals.
  • Shares new ideas with colleagues.
  • Is an advocate for what RSPB stands for and is trying to achieve.
  • Understands what is expected of them in their role.
  • Places their main focus on important priorities.
  • Demonstrates accountability for getting things done.

What do they offer? (Eg: Flexible working / Learning and development)

Competitive salary, career performance and development planning, flexible working, start on 26 days holiday plus bank holidays plus a Christmas shutdown for all surveyors, 7% employer contribution to defined contributions pension, life assurance of 5 x basic salary, maternity/paternity/adoption leave, childcare vouchers, sickness pay, employee assistance scheme, staff association, learning and development opportunities with fees paid for those required for CPD, RICS professional subscription fees paid, 1 day volunteering pa, 1 month sabbatical every 5 yrs of service, green loans for season travel tickets or to buy a bicycle, 20% off in RSPB shops.

What do RSPB do that may not be common knowledge?

RSPB surveyors carry out all the work of a private practice surveyor: acquisitions and disposals of land and buildings on the open market, assisting in delivery of in-hand farming operations, farming and livestock subsidy claims, CPO work on national projects, wayleaves, major engineering projects involving major planning applications/EIA/statutory consents, optimising financial returns from and diversifying income on the RSPB Estate eg solar, wind and hydro schemes, yurts and glamping.

Our buildings have won regional RICS building awards and shortlisted for RIBA Sterling Award. RSPB habitat projects have won regional RICS awards and Constructing Excellence National Award for sustainability.

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