Estates Surveyor

Devon & Cornwall Police
Crownhill, Plymouth, Headquarters, Middlemoor, Flexibility to work from home
£36,369 to £40,662 per annum
Closing date
20 Sep 2021

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Property, Construction
Contract Type
Estates Management, Construction
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Job Details


Principal Responsibility

To co-ordinate and supervise an agreed programme of estate capital refurbishment, remodelling, new build, planned maintenance and reactive works. To provide professional property advice to the Force on building related matters, complying with the Force Standing Orders and the requirements of external statutory legislation.

In addition, there are some functions that are intrinsic to this role.  An employer’s duty of care and current legislation allows the Force to establish if a potential applicant could carry them out, either with or without reasonable adjustments.  These functions are:

  • Working at Heights
  • Working in confined spaces

To assist in ensuring applicants would be able to undertake these functions of the role, a medical assessment via a questionnaire will be undertaken and may subsequently require a consultation with the Occupational Health Support Unit.

Medical assessment required


Vetting clearance





Role-Specific Training and CPD to be undertaken.

  • No formal in house training required.
  • CPD on building related matters necessary throughout their employment depending on their professional qualifications.


Formal Qualifications required

  • Degree or HNC in Building, Building Construction or Property Management or equivalent in a related discipline.

Essential Activities of the role

  • Assess and report on the condition of property
  • Operate budgets
  • Contribute to the effective financial control of the business
  • Maintain and monitor contract performance
  • Deliver compliance with Health and Safety policy
  • Provide specialist advice and knowledge
  • Maintain standards of professional property practice

Essential experience and specialist skills and knowledge

  • Proven experience of working in the built environment
  • A practical working knowledge of relevant property legislation
  • A detailed knowledge of the Local Authority Planning, Building Regulations and associated property legislation
  • Proven ability to diagnose defects, estimate cost of repairs and prioritise repairs/workload
  • Proven ability to prepare and draw building plans and write specifications
  • Proven ability to monitor and control multiple building projects simultaneously
  • Possess a high level of ability in literacy, numeracy and information technology
  • Demonstrable ability to work with minimum supervision using own initiative and to tight timescales.
  • Demonstrable ability to manage own workload, often within tight timescales.

Essential Behavioural


•           Negotiation and influencing

•           Respect for race and diversity

•           Team working

•           Effective communication

•           Problem solving

•           Planning and organising

•           Personal responsibility

•           Resilience


Core Responsibilities

The role holder should effectively deliver these key requirements:

Administrative Support

1008 – Organise and record meetings
Prepare, organise and record details for organisational meetings.

1005 – Input, retrieve and present data using a computer
Enter information correctly using an appropriate computer system, in accordance with legislative requirements and Force policy. Retrieve and present information in a suitable format and supply to relevant personnel.

1197 – Produce and present documents using a computer
Present information accurately and in an appropriate format using a computer. Comply with Force procedures.


1108 - Provide accomodation and facilities to meet user requirements
Provide required accommodation and facilities taking into account user needs and legal requirements.

1119 - Monitor and maintain accomodation and facilities
Ensure the appropriate environment for staff by monitoring and ensuring the maintenance of accommodation and facilities to the necessary standards.

1145 - Assess and report on the condition of property
Conduct relevant inspections of buildings to assess the condition of Force property. Report findings taking into account relevant organisational and legislative requirements, make recommendations as appropriate.

Finance and Resources

243 - Operate budgets
Use financial resources efficiently, taking prompt corrective action when variations occur between actual costs and allocated budget.

1134 - Make recommendations for expenditure
Develop and present recommendations for expenditure in line with Force requirements and objectives.

1153 - Maintain effective payment systems
Use suitable systems in order to make or receive payments efficiently, in accordance with contractual obligations and Force policy.

1135 - Contribute to the effective financial control of the business
Monitor the use of resources and provide financial information to enable the effective use of resources.

1104 - Maintain and monitor contract performance
Comply with specifications, conditions and objectives of contracts in line with local and Force objectives to ensure targets and contractual obligations are met.

1105 - Negotiate and implement contracts
Negotiate, agree and implement contracts, in line with recommended policy and procurement guidelines.

1148 - Invite tenders for work, goods and services
Select appropriate methods of tender. Invite tenders for work, goods and services in line with Force policy, guidelines and procedures.

1185 - Assess and select tenders for work, goods and services
Assess and select tenders for work, goods and services in line with Force policy, guidelines and procedures.

1211 - Accept successful tenders for work, goods and services
Formally accept successful tenders for work, goods and services in line with Force policy, guidelines and procedures.

Health, Safety and Welfare

1200 - Investigate major workplace incidents and accidents
Conduct timely and thorough investigations of major workplace accidents and incidents in accordance with the relevant health and safety policies and legal requirements.

205 - Supervise Health and Safety
Ensure that all team members are aware of health and safety requirements, continually seek ways to improve the work environment and take effective action in response to breaches in health and safety requirements.

202 - Monitor compliance with Health and Safety policy
Monitor all aspects of Health and Safety within the workplace in accordance with legislation and Force policy, and take the appropriate measures to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of self, staff and others.

201 - Conduct Heath and Safety risk assessments
Complete an accurate examination of aspects of work that could cause harm to people, estimating the risks involved and taking steps to implement appropriate risk reduction measures.

Managing and Developing People

223 - Delegate work to others
Give responsibility and authority to others for discrete pieces of work, agreeing with them the targets they need to achieve, advising and supporting them in what they do.

249 - Respond to public complaints against staff
Handle public complaints against staff with sensitivity and in accordance with legislation and Force policy in an ethical and professional manner.

Managing the Organisation

1072 - Provide specialist advice and knowledge
Provide specialist advice and knowledge to colleagues, partners and other individuals and agencies to support the achievement of Force objectives and enable compliance with Force policy.

1042 - Gather information to support action
Gather information from a range of sources in order to support action. Ensure the information is obtained ethically and in accordance with relevant legislation and policy.

237 - Chair meetings
Ensure adequate preparation, actively lead the meeting and encourage the exchange of information to enable the objectives of the meeting to be achieved.

Personal Responsibility

141 – Promote equality, diversity and Human Rights in working practices
Promote equality, diversity and Human Rights in working practices by developing and maintaining positive working relationships, ensuring that colleagues are treated fairly and contributing to developing equality of opportunity in working practices.

217 – Maintain standards of professional practice
Ensure your behaviour complies with Force values and organise your own work effectively to meet the demands of your role. Identify, implement and monitor development activities to enhance your own performance.

224 - Work as part of a team
Work co-operatively with team members and colleagues, contributing positively and constructively to the achievement of team and Force objectives.

242 - Make best use of technology
Make best use of technology in support of your role, ensuring correct operation and compliance with Force and legal requirements.

206 – Comply with Health and Safety legislation
Ensure that you show a duty of care and take appropriate action to comply with Health and Safety requirements at all times.



Openness to change

C Understands the need for change and is willing to adapt to it. Is flexible and prepared to try out new ideas.

Negotiation and influencing

B Uses logic and reason to influence others. Persuades people by using powerful arguments. Identifies clear aims in negotiations and achieves satisfactory outcomes.


Respect for race and diversity

A. Understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Is tactful and diplomatic when dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all times. Understands and is sensitive to social, cultural and racial differences


C Works effectively as a team member and helps build relationships within it. Actively helps and supports others to achieve team goals.

Effective communication

B Communicates all needs, instructions and decisions clearly. Adapts the style of communication to meet the needs of the audience. Checks for understanding.


Problem solving

B Gathers information from a range of sources to understand situations, making sure it is reliable and accurate. Analyses information to identify important issues and problems. Identifies risks and considers alternative courses of action to make good decisions.

Planning and organising

C Plans and carries out activities in an orderly and well-structured way. Prioritises tasks, uses time in the best possible way, and works within appropriate policy and procedures

Personal responsibility

B Takes personal responsibility for own actions and for sorting out issues or problems that arise. Is focused on achieving results to required standards and developing skills and knowledge.


B Shows confidence to perform own role without unnecessary support in normal circumstances. Acts in an appropriate way and controls emotions.

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