Our Training

Training, development and continuous improvement are integral parts of working for Rendall & Rittner. Opportunities for personal and professional development are offered to ensure exceptional levels of customer service, as well as to benefit employees.

We encourage employees to sit professional qualifications that are relevant to their departments and to our clients’ needs. Head Office employees who are identified as future leaders are considered for inclusion on tailored training and development schemes.

Training is also available for those content in their current role to ensure skills and abilities are kept up to date and the customer experience continuously enhanced.

For all staff, we offer a number of bespoke training packages on such topics as:

  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Behavioural Skills
  • First Aid

We use specialist training consultants and external training courses as required. We also capitalise on the immense knowledge resource that is our employees, by calling on internal experts to deliver Lunch and Learn sessions. This ensures that training is delivered by real experts whose experience is directly relevant to the needs of the business, the customer and the employee.